The Wisdom tooth

   Marc Connelly's three-act comedy opened on 15 February 1926 at the Little Theatre for 160 performances. It was Connelly's first play without his collaborator, George S. Kaufman. Critics appreciated Connelly's gift for humor, but were less impressed with what they regarded as the play's loose structure. Thomas Mitchell won raves as Charley Bemis, a hardworking clerk, regarded as a milquetoast by one and all. Charley is relentlessly ill-used by his boss and fellow workers and can share his frustration only with Sally, a young woman who rooms in the same boardinghouse. Sally criticizes Charley for failing to stand up to his employer, after which he has a dream of a childhood visit to a circus and an encounter with Barnum and Bailey, who offer inspiration. When Charley awakens, he stands up to his boss, who promptly fires him, but now he has the courage to win Sally's heart.

The Historical Dictionary of the American Theater. .

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